MULTI launches wheelchair-accessible minivans in Lagos

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MULTI launches wheelchair-accessible minivans in Lagos

A pioneer service in the Western Algarve

There is now a wheelchair-friendly minivans available to Rent (with or without driver) or Airport transfers for the first time in the Western Algarve.

“We are pleased that today we have a positive response for disabled customers and people with special needs. Mobility transport is absolutely crucial for many people” said Pedro Ramos, CEO of MULTI.

They are giving disabled costumers the possibility to rent a vehicle that features a super easy electric rear-entry ramp, winch and restraints, allowing 1 wheelchair user to travel with 4 additional passengers plus the driver. Families traveling to our beautiful region that needs a private car with wheelchair-accessible can now enjoy their holidays with much comfort and privacy, which gives the sense of freedom to drive wherever you want. All vehicles will fit a wheelchair of the standard reference wheelchair size.

Beatriz Ramos, General Manager of MULTI, adds: “I am proud to be involved in the first car-rental company that is providing a service thinking on disabled people and people in general with special needs, a much-needed additional option, for planning their travel or holidays across the western Algarve”.

The firm wich is offering services related with Cars Rentals and Airport transfers (private and shared) has unveiled their investment in 3 Mobility minivans (Volkwagen Caddy, Fiat Dobló and Peugeot Partner) all with 5 seats and space for 1 wheelchair with all the safety and comfort needed for all passengers. Besides the electric rear-entry ramp the cars are equipped with GPS, Bluetooth, Automatic Transmission.

The company - Multi Serviços R.G.R. Lda - as established in Lagos in 1993 , since then is continue improving their services and new vehicles such as Camper Vans.

04-07-2017 | Category: Rent a Car